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Wed, 07 Jul 2004 00:49:12 GMT
RSS Wishlist

Checking my RSS Wishlist. #1 and #5 are done. Eight to go. Things I wish I'd get off my ass and do.

  1. Create a separate blog @ dedicated to RSS, not the format, the bigger thing.
  2. Add Wiki-editing and linking capability to my blogging software.
  3. Fix up my commentapi and trackbackapi.
  4. Create pages on this new Wiki capable blog for installing an RSS feed w/ the various blogging systems.
  5. Finish my Atom Paces. Why the hell do we call them Paces?
  6. Finish the Atom WSDL.
  7. Permalinks for individual comments.
  8. Ability for end user to delete/edit comments, current session only.
  9. Remove referrer tracking from Web thread.
  10. Better comment tracking (I hate comment SPAM).
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