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Fri, 10 Dec 2010 19:56:06 GMT
Online Survey Tools

I've been looking at new online survey tools. First, I checked out You can create a username-password on Survey Monkey or simply sign-up with your Facebook or Google account. That's convenience. I used my FB account. The GUI for creating the survey is trivial to use and visually appealing. Within a few minutes, I had created a small survey and posted it on the Talk-Sports blog and the TalkSports Facebook wall. Someone complained that they had to login to complete the survey. I tried on a separate computer and couldn't figure out what they meant. Most likely the UI was too confusing for them. I didn't get any results from the survey other than the ones I entered. I do a lot of text surveys and get a lot of responses. I suspect the UI  is too confusing for the average user. Next I looked at KISSinsights. Another great online survey tool. It took less than a minute to get embed code. You simply place the code on your website and manage the surveying from their UI. Then I was off to the races. Very nice. I also found a great site with survey software reviews. Lots of survey tools there to check out. But in my opinion, the best web survey software is

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