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Sam Ruby has introduced OPML validation into his FeedValidator. As usually, he's created a set of contrived samples to show the difference between the three validators; Dave's OPML Validator, my Really Simple Validator and the FeedValidator. The varying results concern me. The Really Simple Validator validates against the spec, as written. The other two validators validate part against the spec, part against Dave's guidelines and part against something unknown to me. The concern? The guidelines seem to introduce new constraints to the grammar and validating against an unknown seems wrong. Is this OPML 1.1 or 1.2 and where's the spec?

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Sam, sorry, my mistake, I should have said "contrived set of samples", not "set of contrived sample". My bad. I'm not certain where my validator is not being maintained. And thanks for the link.


This is a gr8 conversation. Feedvalidtion is important. Any idea how feedmesh works w/ opml ? Or Is it a concern at all ??

I don't believe Feedmesh attempts to address OPML.


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