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Thu, 24 Dec 2009 11:01:19 GMT
Predictions for 2010

Three years ago, I predicted FeedBurner would sell-out to Google. Ever since, I've been neglectful of predicting anything for the new year. Here goes. My predictions for the Web in 2010.

  1. More and more Web 2.0 services that aren't monetizing, like MyBlogLog, will shutdown in 2010.
  2. Twitter will max-out in 2010 and begin to fade in 2011. Like every other Web 2.0 service that didn't have a business model.
  3. RSS will become just another Web protocol. Many people will claim it's dead, while unknowingly using software that relies on the protocol to do the research.
  4. Twitter will finally get purchased by money; Google (very likely), Microsoft (less likely) or large media company turning Internet friendly (not NewsCorp). Twitter has topped out on valuation and can't grow without any revenues.
  5. Facebook will remain private. They have earnings, never mind revenues. I can see rumors of an IPO in 2011.
  6. Yahoo! and Microsoft will finally close the deal and merge. Expect a few more executives from Yahoo! to be pushed out first.
  7. Windows 7 will spur a new (smaller and final) round of desktop applications.
  8. Software developers who have been focused on creating cool Web 2.0 websites will take jobs writing accounting and financial software to pay the bills.
  9. Google's Chrome will grow as a Web browser alternative and cut slightly into IE marketshare. Eventually (2011), it'll overtake Firefox as the Windows desktop browser alternative.
  10. Google or Microsoft and many others will release Facebook knockoffs.

Sounds like a bad year for the Web.

Tue, 08 Dec 2009 14:48:44 GMT
Rmail-SendMeRSS spam?
I've received reports that old Rmail accounts are being spammed. The emails had the subjects " Do not play with your fortune, keep some blue colored-tabs with you!" and "Way to Make Your Night Life Last Longer and Be More Pleasurable." They contained the following text "Be too horny to resist!" and "Look and act like Appollo in bed!". There was also links that I'll not reproduce. I'm asking x-Rmail users to check their spam filters for similar emails and report back to me. I'd like to hear from more Rmail users before I approach NBC.

I ran Rmail for two years before selling it to NBC. They rebranded the service as SendMeRSS, but abandoned the service after a year.

Please email me (, if you have evidence of spam to x-Rmail users. Please include the entire message, including SMTP headers. Thanks in advance.

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