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Tue, 20 Jul 2004 03:19:35 GMT
Last year today...
I was wondering if RSS/RDF/Atom was going to mean more specification or less. My overall 10k foot view is that maybe, just maybe, we are moving to a smaller set of specifications. Both RSS 0.9x and RSS 1.0 have experience little to no growth, whereas RSS 2.0 and Atom have grown considerably in this last year. The trend would be that RSS 0.9x will disappear shortly and RSS 1.0 will disappear following the final release of Atom 1.0. This would leave us w/ 2 specifications; RSS 2.0 and Atom. I can live w/ that. I wonder what Danny, Ken and Bill would think of this future without an RDF flavoured RSS.
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The same was true of RSS 2.0 and RSS 0.9x. So why RDF flavoured RSS in the first place?


I think the problem with translating RSS 0.9x/2.0 into RDF was the underspecification... the Atom initiative  pushed the areas of underspec-ing in 0.9x/2.0 to the forefront, which has (happily) led to clarifications from the RSS board, so I  imagine anyone working  with importing RSS into an RDF-based project probably has an easier time of it now with feeds in the wild than they would have had, say, 12-18 months ago.


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