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Dave Winer: Yahoo sends emails to bloggers with RSS feeds saying, hey if you put this icon on your weblog you'll get more subscribers. It's true you will. Then Feedster says the same thing, and Bloglines, etc etc.

Randy: Dave talks about the proliferation of subscription buttons. I think the solution is to get everybody to use the application/rss+xml media type to serve their RSS. Then, we can write browser helpers to process clicks on such hyperlinks. It's the way the Web works.

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I agree.  It would be good if people could be a bit more imaginative about the 'title' attribute too.  More than just "xml" or "rss" would be helpful.  Also, the title should distiguish between RSS versions if more than one is supplied.


Absolutely agree - one RSS feed is all that is necessary. But if people feel the need to provide multiple versions - and quite a few do - they should identify them in the title tag.


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