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Martin Schwimmer: It was brought to my attention that a website named Bloglines was reproducing the Trademark Blog, surrounding it with its own frame, stripping the page of my contact info.  It identifies itself as a news aggregator.  It is not authorized to reproduce my content nor to change the appearance of my pages, which it does. 

Robert Scoble: Martin Schwimmer sure opened a can of worms.

Randy: We did the same thing 2 years ago at Dude Research and we got a few complaints. Martin Schwimmer is definately correct. The biggest mistake Bloglines is making is the removal of the copyright. All RSS aggregators MUST redisplay the copyright notice. That's why it's there and that's the law. And Bloglines has already been told such months ago.

For more, see the Technorati Cosmos.

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All within his rights. What is the use of the copyright if no one is going to use it/

I do disagree with his assertation that any blog with "advertising" or even a plan to solicit advertising is a "commercial" venture. My ads barely pay for hosting!

But, as a writer you are free to copyright your work anyway you want to. IF he doesn't want to appear on other sites, he shouldn't. Isn't that what the creative commons license is all about? Did Bloglines miss that part of the feed?

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