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I just ran across the People Like Me function on I hadn't ran across this feature since it was first introduced a year ago.  Here's the list of people who's OPML list most closely resembles my own.

1.  scott adams   4.0
2.  Amanda Murphy   3.4
3.  Jay McCarthy   3.4
4.  Tom Hoffman   3.0
5.  James Edelen   2.9
6.  Luke Reeves   2.9
7.  Chris Weiss   2.8
8.  Roland Tanglao   2.7
9.  Adam Hill   2.4
10.  jacob mojiwat   2.4

Cool, I found a public link to this information. I also uploaded a new version of my OPML, but the results didn't change. Hmmm! Must be a delay thingy in there.
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