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James Robertson Really crappy. I had massive headaches implementing OPML support for import/export in BottomFeeder. Why? Because there's no real specification. Like everything Dave Winer has ever been involved with, the specs are all in his head, and it's up to the rest of us to figure out wtf he actually meant. Here's the "spec" - and look at all the meaningless crap in it.

Randy: I gotta agree that OPML like RSS is very loosely specified. Something James fails to point out is that the spec he references is for version 1.0, but the most common used version is 1.1. Where's the spec for version 1.1? It doesn't exist. That said, like RSS, OPML is really simple. If you're having a hard time implement stuff in it, then you're working too hard.

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OPML is simple enough to implement.  The problem comes in with the import/export formats used by various aggregators.  Those vary is usbtle ways, and it's due to the lack of a firm specification.
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