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Sun, 13 Nov 2005 18:08:28 GMT
BlogSpot is Dead!

This morning was another bad day for and Google. I found 57 splog referrers from BlogSpot and forwarded them to Matt at Google. Basically, Google doesn't seem to be capable of stopping the splogs. IMHO, the recent splogs on Blogspot have easily identified patterns that make them easy to pick off. How Google is not able to identify and remove them is beyond me? IceRocket already has kicked them out of their index. I now have to agree with Mark Cuban and Blake Rhodes. This is now the only way that a Blogosphere search engine can move forward with reasonably clean results. I also note that Google doesn't show these blogs in Google's blog search, but haven't disabled the accounts. That seems like dirty pool to me. If you host on Blogspot, then don't expect me to point to you or find you anymore. BlogSpot is Dead!


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You are definately correct. I wonder what their algorithm for Blogspot exclusion is? Maybe just new blogs?


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