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Tue, 11 Jul 2006 02:09:30 GMT
YouTube pulls MLB videos

Just in time for the baseball all-star game, MLB (major league baseball) has decided to piss off all their blogging and YouTube'ng fans. YouTube has removed dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of baseball videos.

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We are the FANS, MLB would be nothing without us, we should have access to all the videos we want.  Theres so many great moments in baseball that I can't see.  What does MLB expect us to do? pay them for the videos.......this combined with all the steroids in baseball and the commissioner looking away or trying to hide it is really distancing me from MLB.


And by the way they dont even offer a way to see the videos.  You can't find them anywhere.

It's great to know about this site. Thanks that I have come through this.
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