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Mon, 28 Aug 2006 02:56:51 GMT
iM Obseseed with Incoming Links?

Chad Perrin thinks I'm obsessed with tracking incoming linkers. Smart guy! Subscribed. But there are reasons behind my madness.

  1. I really want to know what people are saying about what I'm saying. Trackpacks or pingbacks are not enough as they only capture a small fraction of the conversation.
  2. I like to gauge how various blog search engines are doing and incoming link tracking is one of my favorite tests. Today, IceRocket is giving me the best results. Google Blog Search's top three results are spam. Technorati is nothing but spam. Bloglines is not finding much at all. Of course, next week, that'll change.
  3. I like to send 2+ links back for every link received. Sort of an encouragement for people to link to me.
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