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The big blogosphere news of the day is that MySpace has released a Digg-like application called MySpace News. I'm gonna have to agree with Pete Cashmore and say it Kinda Sucks!

The bad...

  • Most of the categories are empty with no votes. But this will change.
  • It works by framing other websites. I thought that idea died in the 90s. I can see a lot of javascript frame pop-out code in the near future.
  • No comments?
  • No RSS feeds?
  • Overall lameness.
  • You cannot submit stories.
  • This is a URL ranking system and has no-where near the feature set of Digg.

The good...

  • Lots of categories.
  • An army of existing users could make this popular very quickly.

Around the blogosphere...

  • Betaflow reminds us that this was newroo. That's odd. Newroo is at least a year old and this looks like someone wrote it in their basement last weekend ;-)
  • Darren Rowse has specific instructions on adding your blog(s).
  • Adario Strange of Wired says "The service is best described as Google News meets Digg."
  • Stan Schroeder says "poses absolutely no threat to Digg."
  • zakkforchilli writes "This is horrible."

I think there's concensus that this isn't impressive.

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