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Todd Cochrane has gone into more detail as to his RSS hijacking concerns with Splashcast. In particular he notes that Splashcast was offering Todd's podcasts as a channel with an RSS feed hosted by Splashcast. In fact, they are also offering an array of subscription chicklets to encourage the user to subscribe to the Splashcast feed, instead of the source feed.

And of course, Marshall Kirpatrick responded to Todd's post. And of course Todd was confused by his response. This seems to be a common thread of conversation across the blogosphere. Someone doesn't like what Splashcast is doing. Marshall responds with irrelevant promotional statements about Splashcast and says don't worry, we'll take care of the problems. I have to agree with Todd and the rest. I'm confused.

Now, I'm the first person to encourage new business ideas around RSS. Splashcast looks like a cool idea. How long would it take Splashcast to stop hi-jacking? Isn't that 2 lines of code? I think the blogosphere has given the 24 hours of required notice. Splashcast must stop hi-jacking immediately.

Marshall has been around the blogosphere for quite some time and he's quite familiar with RSS hi-jacking issues. In fact, it was Marshall that said "Major, major badness issue" when he found that Feedpass could be used to hi-jack an RSS feed. So, I'm confused. What's up Marshall?

Update: Still hi-jacking 24 hours later?

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