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Kent Newsome coined a new term (at least for me) called the unblogosphere. This is the blogosphere equivalent of the unconference. That is, that knowledge is distributed throughout the blogosphere. The problem, of course, is that the same group of a-listers continue to get all the attention, similar to the way a conference session is controlled by the conference speakers. In an unconference, everybody in the audience is given a voice. The truth is, the blogosphere is already an unblogosphere. Everybody has a voice. The problem is that you can`t hear Kent`s voice because everybody else is talking at the same time. But some voices get thru, like Dave Winer`s. The reason his voice gets thru is because everybody keeps linking to the same a-listers. In fact, Kent linked to Dave in his post about the unblogosphere. The a-listers aren`t stupid, they crosslink with each other daily. That`s how they remain a-listers. And every once in awhile a new blogger breaks into the a-list group and they begin linking him up as well. The a-listers aren`t stupid. The b-list and c-listers are the problem. Most b-list and c-list bloggers link to an a-lister with every post. The truth is, the a-listers will rarely ever read your post, because hundreds of bloggers are linking to them everyday. Note there fault, they are busy. If people want an unblogosphere, then it`s gonna have to start with the b-list c-list bloggers. They have to start linking to each other and stop their persistent linking to the a-list, hoping for that one juice boosting link back that never comes.

I linked up some b-list and c-list bloggers in this rant. Not to point to them as a problem, but to give them the Google juice well deserved. I`m also part of the problem and intend on changing that.

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