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Google bought FeedBurner for $100M. Here's a big congratulations to the first really big RSS success story. Congrats to Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, Matt Shobe, Rick Klau, Don Loeb and the rest of my friends at FeedBurner. And thanks for bringing RSS to the masses. Who could'a predicted this?

Update: Shelley Powers is the first to say bye to her FeedBurner feed because she's paranoid that Google knows more about her blog readers than she does. She used FeedBurner's exit strategy. Can you believe that? FeedBurner provided an exit for their users. Those guys were are classy.

Lost in the FeedBurner news is that this wasn't their first success. Back in the bubble, the same four founders sold SpyOnIt to 724 Solutions for $53M. In a private chat, a friend noted that whatever Dick and team do next, we're jumping that bandwagon.

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