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On Scoble's blog, Dave left the following comment which I have to highlight because it's just so wrong.
The rest of your post is right. The big companies, including Google, are trying to take control of RSS, and it’s in contradiction to the roadmap, and just plain wrong. I’ve asked them to stop, and so far they’ve ignored the request. Thanks for raising the issue publicly.

Google is trying to take control of RSS? Let's get this straight. Google's member on the RSS Advisory Board is Eric Lunt. He worked for FeedBurner. If Google didn't buy FeedBurner, then they wouldn't even have one member on the board. And I securely doubt membership on the RSS Advisory Board had anything to do with Google's purchase of FeedBurner. Previously, Jason Shellen, a member of the board, was employed by Google, but that's no longer true. Neither Eric Lunt nor Jason Shellen have been overly active on the RSS Advisory Board. Almost all the activities of the board are public and available on the website and message boards. The only private activities is nominating and voting for new members. Everybody has the ability to scour those boards and what you'll find is that Eric and Jason have been completely passive members of the board. So, how are they trying to control RSS? They aren't. It's just more propaganda from Dave Winer.

Further, we have tried multiple times to include Dave Winer in the process at his own request. He's even proposed that he be a member of the board. In every case where we've tried to compromise, Dave simply broke off contact when a compromise was close. Dave has never responded to any of my private emails to move the compromise forward, nor have any of the board members indicated to me that he's sent them a private email. I've indicated to him that all the members have public profiles and can be contacted directly. Dave requested permission to post on the board mailing list in order to address the members. I offered to post whatever he wanted on the board mailing list and he never replied. Dave is all about propaganda and deception. He lies and somehow his posse continues to fall for his ploy. I'm losing respect for that posse.

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Isn't Jason Shellen in your group as well?

That's what I wrote in the blog entry.


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