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Dave Sifry has announced that he resigned as CEO of Technorati and Technorati has laid-off 8 employees. As predicted, the Web 2.0 fallout has begun. This is definitely a bad sign for Technorati. It's likely they aren't near profitability, the cash is crunching and they are finding it increasingly more difficult to find more.

Around the blogosphere.

  • Kevin Burton points out that a good chunk of Technorati's traffic is Google referrers and this could be turned off at any time. I assume he means the technorati tag-space.
  • Pete Cashmore points to the real culprit. "They’ve been losing their core customers to Google Blog Search." I agree. Technorati really never worked all that great, so it was too easy for Google to simply step in and create a better Technorati. The giant woke up in 2005 and within too years Technorati is dying, if not already dead.
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