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Out of curiousity, I searched Google for RSS and email. Turns out Rmail-SendMeRSS was 3 of the 5 top results (results may vary). SendMeRSS is now dead and twice now people have asked if I had the old Rmail code and if I could just recreate Rmail. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. I thru away the code and even if I could find an old backup, I wouldn't feel right about re-using code I sold to NBC. Nevertheless, I could rewrite Rmail in a few days (given the free time). With SendMeRSS finally gone (what a horror story), I'm considering adding RSS-2-email services to Reblinks and polishing it off. Thoughts?

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I'm not gonna try and copy FeedMailer and FeedBlitz, beacuse both are excellent services. I'll try to fill the gaps.


Could you forward me the emails that Rmail is sending you? I stopped getting them myself.


I was just doing a research for such a tool and there's a market for sure with Zookoda and Yutter not being active anymore, feedmailer is for sale and feedburner and rssfwd mail functions are missing the scheduling for weekly or monthly digests. Please, somebody code something!
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