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Wed, 09 Sep 2009 01:30:07 GMT
The rssCloud Debate

There's great debate in the RSS intellectual community about the merits of Dave's all new rssCloud. Rogers Cadenhead wrote a piece called There's a Reason RSSCloud failed to Catch On. I necessary read. Then Mark Woodman wrote Is rssCloud All Wet? Another necessary read. Both Rogers and Mark made valid points why rssCloud cannot succeed. Dave responded with his own rebutle 2002 != 2009. Specially he says "We had problems, but I've factored in what we learned in 2002 in the 2009 implementation." He doesn't mention anywhere how he conquered the problems of 2002. I also looked thru the Implementor's Guide to rssCloud and couldn't find anything that address the issues raised by Rogers and Mark. Maybe Dave and tell us mundanes what we are missing. I don't see it.

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